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      1. Koupon Media is the leading consumer insights engine and promotion network in the convenience store industry.

        Koupon connects CPG brands with over 40,000 c-store retailers to analyze shopper data and launch digital promotions. Since its founding, Koupon has delivered more than 4 billion offers and today it reaches more than 8 million shoppers each month. Offers delivered in the Koupon Network are powered by Koupon’s AI-driven insights engine which leverages over 10 billion consumer data points to help c-store marketers launch hyper targeted campaigns. Today Koupon powers promotions for 30 of the top 50 c-store chains in the United States.

        Why Clients Choose Koupon
        The C-Store Shopper is a Mystery

        Despite the fact that c-store is a $235 billion market, most leading CPG brands have little visibility into the shopping patterns and preferences of c-store shoppers. 

        C-Store is Fragmented 

        There are 150,000 c-stores in the US and launching digital campaigns can be difficult and costly. To address this, we streamline the process for marketers.

        Digital Promotions are Complicated

        Launching mobile-first digital promotions at scale requires technology. That’s why Koupon handles everything from content management to distribution and clearing.

        OUR solutions
        Koupon Insights

        The leading consumer insights & advanced analytics engine in the c-store industry, helping marketers understand shoppers and launch data-driven campaigns.

        Koupon Network

        The largest promotion network in the c-store industry, connecting CPGs with over 40,000 c-stores to launch digital promotions to millions of shoppers.

        Koupon Platform

        A world-class technology toolset that allows CPG brands and retailers to create, manage, and distribute digital coupons, rebates, and loyalty promotions.