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      1. Deliver Offers API

        Note: Every call made to the v2 API’s must be made via the signed URL process. Any request without a valid signature will be rejected. Note the domain for this call is management.kouponmedia.com and not consumer.kouponmedia.com.

        Deliver Offer(s)

        Deliver one or more Offers to a Consumer via E-mail and/or SMS. Each Offer must belong to the calling Account. For SMS, only one message is sent for multiple Offers, and each Offer must be assigned to the same channel and have the same SMS message template and keywords configured. For Email, a message is sent for each Offer.


        Query Parameter Options

        Parameter Required/Optional Description
        channel_code optional Channel Code of Channel to associate with the message. Offer(s) must be associated with the Channel.
        referrer optional Referring anonymous Consumer Identity from a Desktop page that invoked this API.
        network_id optional Network Id to associate with the message.
        display_store optional A Store Id for the Account to pass along in the generated SMS link.

        POST Body Options

        Parameter Required/Optional Description
        offerIds required A string with a single Offer Id or comma-separated list of Offer Ids to deliver.
        sendEmail required Flag indicating whether to send an e-mail to the Consumer (true) or not (false). email key must be provided if true.
        sendSMS required Flag indicating whether to send an SMS message to the Consumer (true) or not (false). sms key must be provided if true.
        fromName optional E-mail address of sender of E-mail. Optional; will default to value configured with Offer, if any, or with Email distribution.
        toName optional Name of Consumer to send E-mail to.
        toAddress optional E-mail address of a Consumer to send E-mail to. Required if sendEmail is true.
        subject optional Subject line of E-mail to send. Optional; will use value configured with Offer if not provided.
        mobile optional Mobile phone number of a Consumer to send SMS to. Required if sendSMS is true.
        keyword optional A keyword string to associate with the sent SMS.

        Example Request Body

            "offerIds" : String,
            "sendEmail": Boolean,
            "sendSMS": Boolean,
            email : {
                "fromName" : String,
                "fromAddress" : EmailAddress,
                "toName" : String,
                "toAddress" : EmailAddress,
                "subject" : String,
                "externalId":  String
            sms : {
                "mobile" : PhoneNumber,
                "keyword" : String,

        Example Response

          "code": "200",
          "message": "success",
          "version": "2.1"