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      1. Create Offer Link API

        Note: Every call made to the v2 API’s must be made via the signed URL process. Any request without a valid signature will be rejected. Note the domain for this call is management.kouponmedia.com and not consumer.kouponmedia.com.

        Create Offer Link

        Creates an Offer Link for the given Offer(s) and Consumer identity, returned in a short URL form suitable for SMS.


        Query Parameter Options

        Parameter Required/Optional Description
        offer_id optional A single Offer Id, or a comma-separated list of Offer Ids, belonging to the Account associated with the caller.
        channel_code optional The Code of a Channel that the Offer(s) are assigned to. Each given Offer must be assigned to this Channel.

        POST Body Options

        Parameter Required/Optional Description
        primary optional The primary identity of the consumer, guaranteed to be unique within the Client. If provided, this is the only identity used for lookup. Otherwise, any other provided identity values, from cid to email, will be used for lookup in that order.
        cid optional Client-supplied internal CRM id of the consumer.
        email optional E-mail address of the consumer.
        mobile optional Mobile phone number of the consumer.
        udid optional Unique Device Identifier of the registering device.
        mobile optional Mobile phone number of the consumer.
        vendorid optional Vendor Identifier of the registering device.
        dob optional Date of birth of the consumer.

        Example Request Body

            "identity": {
                "primary": String,
                "cid": String,
                "identity": String,
                "mobile": PhoneNumber,
                "email": EmailAddress,
                "udid":  String

        Example Response

          "code": "200",
          "message": "success",
          "shortLink" : "http://m.kou.pn/12345",
          "version": "2.1"