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      1. Advanced Analytics & Consumer Engagement for the C-Store Industry

        Koupon connects CPG brands with over 40,000 c-store retailers to analyze shopper data and launch digital promotions.

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        Advanced Analytics & Consumer Engagement for the C-Store Industry

        Koupon connects CPG brands with over 40,000 c-store retailers to analyze shopper data and launch digital promotions.

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        Koupon Solutions

        Take Your Promotion Strategy to the Next Level

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        Koupon Platform

        A world-class technology toolset that allows brands and retailers to create, manage and distribute mobile offers.
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        Koupon Network

        The largest promotion network in the c-store industry, connecting CPG brands with over 40,000 c-stores to launch promotions.
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        Koupon Insights

        The leading promotion insights engine in the c-store industry, helping marketers launch data-driven campaigns.

        Verify with KOUPON

        Confirm the age of shoppers so you can deliver digital promotions for age-restricted products.



        An off-the-shelf, embeddable experience that allows any retailer or CPG to integrate age verification into its digital channels.


        Reach shoppers that purchase alcohol, tobacco, vape, and lottery, categories that make up more than 50% of c-store sales.


        Integrate age status with third-party loyalty technologies and CRM platforms so you can better market to consumers.

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        A Massive Shift Is Underway

        As online shopping disrupts traditional retailers, small format stores are expected to thrive.


        Changing Consumer Preferences

        In a world of online commerce and fast home delivery, shoppers have new expectations.


        Grocery Faces Challenges

        Grocery trips are declining, revenue growth is slowing and stores are closing.

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        The Rise of Small Format Retail

        C-store is one of the only brick and mortar categories expected to grow in coming years.

        The Rise of Small Format

        The C-Store Opportunity

        As consumer spend shifts to online shopping, physical stores are getting smaller and focusing on immediate consumption, fresh food and on-the-go needs. This presents an opportunity for not only small format retailers like c-stores, but for the CPG brands that sell products within them. 


        Sales in C-stores from CPG brands  in 2016


        Spent on CPG products at C-stores in 2016


        Customers served by C-Stores everyday

        The Promotion Network for the Next Generation of Retail

        Rich Brand Experiences

        Create brand experiences to embed across Koupon’s Network of participating retailers

        One-To-One Connection

        Leverage data science-driven insights to personalize campaigns for each consumer.


        Cross-Retailer Engagement

        Track consumers across channels using a unified consumer identity. 


        Influence Purchase Patterns

        Deliver hyper-personalized offers to influence shopper behavior and in-store sales.

        Rebate & Rewards

        A New Era for Mobile Rebates

        Koupon's Mobile Rebate & Rewards solution provides a fully customizable, brand-first campaign experience.


        Brand-Owned Experience

        Brand marketers control all imagery and copy— the consumer never knows Koupon is powering the offer.


        Easy for Shoppers

        Koupon-powered rebates eliminate registration and sign-ins, and consumers receive rewards in real time.


        Rich Data & Insights

        All consumer and purchase data captured during a campaign is owned by and provided to the brand.

        success stories

        More than 3 billion offers delivered

        icon7 CPG brands

        85.9% Lift in Sales

        A leading tea brand was launching a newly packaged product and was faced with the challenge of driving trial while also maintaining its existing customer base. The brand worked with Koupon to launch a campaign across 17,000 c-store locations. The campaign was a resounding success, moving more than 159,000 units and driving 85.9% YOY sales growth.
        icon8 retailer mobile

        300% ROI

        A large c-store retailer was launching a mobile app aimed at engaging customers and driving store trips. The retailer reached out to Koupon Media to leverage its platform to deliver targeted offers through the app to drive customers in-store. In the app’s first six months, Koupon delivered over 100 million offer views which led to 3 million store trips and a 300% ROI for the retailer.
        icon9 reaching millenials

        6.3% Lift in Spend

        A popular candy brand was looking for new ways to reach millennials while driving awareness, trial and sales in the convenience channel. The brand leveraged the Koupon Network and Partner Network to launch a campaign across 11,000 c-store locations and through c-store focused channels. The campaign was a success, driving 19% YOY unit sales growth and a 6.3% lift in spend.
        Reference Architecture

        A Standards-Based Approach

        Koupon’s network is built on top of its reference architecture, ensuring any brand can deliver any offer to any retailer.