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      1. Koupon Network

        Launch data-driven campaigns across more than 40,000 c-store retail locations.

        Koupon Network

        Launch data-driven campaigns across more than 40,000 c-store retail locations.


        Reach Millions Of Customers

        Koupon Media has partnerships with leading c-store retailers throughout the US, giving CPG brands the audience they need to drive sales.


        Achieve Campaign Goals

        Whether it's a particular location, retailer or demographic, Koupon’s platform can make sure offers reach the right customer at the right time.


        Drive Immediate Sales

        The Koupon Network can start delivering highly targeted offers to millions of customers across thousands of stores within minutes.

        How it Works

        The Koupon Network connects CPG brands with over 40,000 c-store retailers to launch campaigns that drive sales. 

        C Store Retailers

        Participating small format retailers work with Koupon to distrubute and accept mobile offer campaigns funded by leading CPG brands.

        CPG Brands

        Koupon Media works with leading CPG brands to source fully funded mobile offer promotions redeemable in its network of stores. 

        The Rise of Small Format

        The C-Store Opportunity

        As consumer spend shifts to online shopping, physical stores are getting smaller and focusing on immediate consumption, fresh food and on-the-go needs. This presents an opportunity for not only small format retailers like c-stores, but for the CPG brands that sell products within them. 


        Sales in C-stores from CPG brands  in 2016


        Spent on CPG products at C-stores in 2016


        Customers served by C-Stores everyday

        Reach a Targeted Audience

        Koupon’s small format audience segment leverages proprietary data from past campaigns to help brands target customers who are most likely to engage with an offer and visit stores.


        Koupon’s platform delivers small format offers to millions of customers each month. We use this data to build targeting models that help marketers reach customers most likely to redeem offers in small format stores.



        Koupon’s Small Format Customer Segment can be used to place targeted media across leading platforms and networks including Facebook, Google, Twitter and through Koupon’s partnership with T-Mobile Tuesdays. 



        Add CPG Offers to Loyalty Programs

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        Acquire Users with Better Offers

        Leverage CPG offers sourced by Koupon Media to attract new shoppers to your program, growing overall user base and engagement.

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        Brand-Funded Promotions

        Koupon Network offers are funded fully by CPG brands — use these resources to build a stronger loyalty program and deliver value to your shoppers.

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        Cross-Market Proprietary Products

        Leverage brand promotions to create combo deals that drive trial and awareness for your proprietary products and food service items.